Foundations of Leadership

The Writings

First, we took out some time to write about our initial vision which highlighted our motivation and reasons for our past decisions. It required a certain level of vulnerability that I have always avoided. It unearthed wounds, hurts, pains, memories, family background, experiences, and even healings for a lot of people. A couple of people cried I didn’t (cos I am a hard girl, lol). People found some form of healing by sharing their past in those small groups and this helped some of us form even deeper bonds.

The Tests

To understand our values, character strengths, and personality types we had to do a lot of tests like the MBTI, the Clifton strengths test, and the VIA character test. Now, I know that people take personality tests all the time, and most times they zero in on these test results as an explanation for their behavior but for me, it was different.

The Readings and A Movie

During the course, we went on to do some readings to gain perspective regarding our purpose on the earth. I had never heard of Victor Frankl or his book Man’s Search for meaning before the course. I also read some chapters of Seligman's Flourish- A new visionary understanding of happiness and Well-being.



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Keyukemi Ubi

Keyukemi Ubi

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world. My passion is to prepare for the future by learning as much as possible about our world today.